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Welcome to Beacon Fire Ministries. The purpose here is Spirit filled discipleship and evangelism to mention to glorify the name of Jesus and our Father God. My goal is to show you how to establish a more intimate and deep relationship with God, to mature in your walk and get to know Him better. My earnest desire is to show you the depth of what it was Jesus actually did for you and the plans God has for you that He established for you before the creation of time. Everything written here is based solely on scripture and revelation through the power of God’s Holy Spirit. God is here to give you love and life abundantly, I’m here to help you learn how to get it from Him and grow into the Salvation His perfect Son paid for with His blood. My name is Stanley Todd LaRue jr. and welcome to my blog. God bless.


3 thoughts on “About Beacon Fire Ministries

    • Beloved in Christ,

      The spirit of God be with you all,

      Greetings to all in the precious name of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ,

      I Bontha Timothy Manoah started Tribal Ministry in the year 2012 under the title of Gospel Movement to Unreached Ministries.

      By the Grace of God we could able to reach chenchu Tribal and Lambadi race those who are dwelling in the deep forest of Nallamalla which covers three districts namely Guntur, Prakasam and kurnool respectively in Andhra Pradesh, South India.

      For the last Past six years we have preached Gospel among them where there no word of God prior to our presence.

      This Tribal Ministry based on scriptural truths of the Great commission was given to the Disciples of Christ Matthew 28:16-20 and Mark 16:15-16 and the final command of God acts 17:30-31.

      In India harvest is more and laborers are less so, we are praying to God and looking above please send the children of God as well as the humble servants of God in order to save the lost by proclaiming Gospel of salvation and for the extension of His Kingdom.

      When my father namely Bontha Tracy Babu have been doing Lords work since 1987. He established seven congregations in (Velur village, Petruvaripalem village, Thurrumella village Guntur District), (Konanki village and KorrapolluKunta village Prakasam District). (Atmakur and Alur in Kurnool District).

      In all those churches Pastors were continuing worship services on every Sunday as per scriptures. In each church downtrodden communities were accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and savior, even though they are poor people but they are rejoice in Christ 1 Corinthians 1:30-31.

      In the year 2015 on April 23rd my father was slept in Christ.

      After started Tribal Ministry in the end of 2012 December we the team of preacher’s going for outreach camps in Nallamalla deep forest area, we could able cover 12 places in Prakasam and kurnool forest division namely Yerramatam Chenchu gudem, siva puram Chenchu gudem and Kothapalli chenchu gudem in kurnool Forest division. Ayyannakunta chenchu gudem, pothuraju chenchu gudem and Botimidhi chenchu gudem, KorrapolluKunta chenchu gudem , chithala chenchu gudem, Bramaramba chenchu gudem and Bommallapuram chenchu gudem in Prakasam District. Masjid Mannyam yanadi colonyand chikatigalapalem Yanadi Colony in Guntur District.

      All these tribal races are illiterates and idol worship people before our presence they are poor among the poor and living far away from civilized society and living with pathetic conditions having no proper food at right time and no good hygienic status. By grace of God we could able to reach them and preach the Gospel of salvation and brought them into the kingdom of God.

      We know that it was return preach the Gospel to the poor.

      Now my humble prayer request to you is that can u share the Lords love among these people to uplift them through education help and physical needs. Simply we are preaching Gospel of salvation and supporting and supplying them a little bit of help to meet their minimum needs with Act of Love of God by providing seasonal fruits and snacks to meet their physical needs that what we can do the best according to Gods Will and Wish.

      We know pretty well that God is Love and God is Light. Being the Children of God we have to save their souls by proclaiming Gospel and add their souls to the Kingdom of God. Hence this prayer request put in before for your kind consideration.

      Awaiting for your loving-kindness towards these people and anticipating your kind reply, with hope and strong faith in God as per Matthews 7:7-8 and John 15:7-8.

      Just for your glance sake here with I am enclosing concern pictures regarding Lord Services that we are doing among them for glory sake of God.

      Closing with prayer and Lords love,
      Timothy Manoah Bontha
      Servant of God among Tribal’s,
      AP South India.
      Email address: timothymanoahbontha@gmum.org

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