God and the Big Bang

Interesting thought I’ve been ruminating over: The Big Bang “Theory”. A lot of people who claim there is no God cite the Big Bang as evidence that God could not have created the universe and it was ultimately a chaotic and rapid exothermic expansion of energy that slowed down to form all matter that now is contained in the observable universe.

Remember that since e=mc2(energy equals matter times the speed of light multiplied by itself, then energy is just matter moving insanely quickly. So after the initial expansion, the energy that was moving outward word have begun to expend itself and slow down forming matter(in theory). Some have theorized that the energy that was responsible for the expansion was electromagnetic radiation, also known as light.

I propose this: what if when God said “Let there be light” he was causing the big bang? Some argue that No eternal God can have created the universe and that the concept of eternity is only an abstract thought that cannot be rationalized. However, time as we understand it did not technically begin until after the Bang. But wouldn’t something have to precede the Big Bang in order to initiate it? Some sort of external force or stimulus to cause the reaction?

Nothing just happens, we can clearly observe that and that has been proven. Something caused it. Could the eternal and uncreated God have caused the Big Bang in order to begin his creation process? Obviously we cannot prove this, but we also can’t prove the Big Bang happened and we can’t prove when, if anything came before. This is where it becomes an issue of either faith or denial. Faith that God did in fact create the universe by whatever means we cannot seem to determine, or denial of anything we cannot concretely prove because we don’t have enough evidence, which we may never actually have.

I do not advocate the denial and exclusion of science and technology from the lives of faithful Christians, but ask them to acknowledge that God did create the universe, the laws of the universe, and since He is a JUST god, He will always follow the laws He Himself set in order. I won’t say that we have to accept everything science has to say, because even not all scientists accept everything science has to say.

Somethings are absolutely unable to be proven and some are just attacks on faith, but we should embrace some the things that we can attribute to God. And to those who deny God exists without proof beyond reasonable doubt, would it not be reasonable to assume that there are things we will never prove yet you believe them in theory? Isn’t this a form of faith? Why then is faith in God so unreasonable? There does not need to be conflict between faith and science, but we should find a way to marry the two beliefs that aren’t actually that far separate.

To Live is Christ, To Die is Gain

Philippians 1:21: “For me, to live is Christ and to die is gain”

Paul wrote this to the church in Philippi while he was in chains. He was a captive for nothing but his faith. He recognized that to live as a follower of Christ is not the glamorous life some expect. You will be persecuted. You will be spurned. You will be treated poorly. But Paul wrote this little bi of wisdom to remind those in Philippi and us that this life that can at times be cold and sorrowful has purpose.

For Paul, to live meant that everything about his life revolved around his devotion to Christ. Everything he did, everything he said, everything that happened to him was part of God’s plan. He was not ashamed and he would not be beaten down by those who would attempt to force his head downward in defeat.

And even if Paul were to die at the hands of those who so cruelly oppressed him, he saw that his death would lead him directly to eternity face to face with Christ Himself. So no matter what, if he continued living he was free spiritually because he focused on what we ought only to focus on and be devoted to, and if he died he received the reward that God promised us and delivered through the death of His Son.

So remember what it is that Paul was espousing in this scripture. We will have pain and hurt and hardship for as long as we live in this world, but it will NEVER consume us for we have a mighty Savior whom has welcomed us into His arms and who builds a mansion for us in the Kingdom His Father has given Him. We have fellowship with He who is truth and was made perfect in weakness.

Never give up. Never back down. Never let your eyes be downcast but keep your eyes on Heaven and on Him who loves us.

Thoughts on our Father and being a father

I believe nothing illustrates what God puts up with better than trying to put a fussy baby to sleep.

Even though said beautiful, sweet little child is a joy most of the time, when the child is tired she becomes very irritable. She knows she is tired but fights it as hard as she can until she finally relents and gives into sleep.

We very often struggle against God when we feel Him moving on our lives because our flesh is in opposition to Him (Galatians 5:17). But a good father doesn’t lose his temper when the hadn’t resists because he realizes it’s just in her nature to resist the same way our Good Father remains calm and loving when our flesh resists Him.

It is part of the nature of our flesh to rebel, but it has been overcome by the blood of Jesus and through the power of God.

Just some thoughts on life as a believer

Dan McCollum said “the life of a Christian isn’t hard, it’s impossible”. Now, if you’re not part of our culture this may seem a little esoteric, so someone might add “the life of a Christian is impossible without our faith in God and Jesus because we are no longer citizens of this world”, or maybe something more concise but I feel my bit sums it up pretty well. The closer you get to God and the purpose He has for you, the more the enemy will try to throw lies and deception at you to rob you of your inheritance that God has ordained for you ephisians 1:11). Problem for old Lucy( or Luci) is that you can’t steal an inheritance because it’s not something we’ve earned and is imperishable in Heaven (1 Peter 1:4). The enemy can’t rob Heaven. I’m reminded of a line from the video game “Kingdom Hearts” that said “the closer you get to the light the greater your shadow becomes”. The closer you get to the light of God the greater your shadow becomes and the enemy wants to hide in that shadow and throw sucker punches at you because your victory has already been won and he cannot engage in conventional warfare because the battle belongs to the Lord. Yes the life of a Christian may seem(keyword) to grow more and more difficult with each passing breakthrough. You may face persecution, slander, loss of friends, and other unfortunate happenstances, but you will gain salvation, eternal life, grace, the Holy Spirit, strength through God, abounding love, destruction of fear, and so much more. I’d say that equation is unbalanced in favor of God so take your pick of what you’d rather walk in.

Prophetic word for Global Christian Unity

God is moving us from being many corporate bodies across the earth to a global body in Jesus and a fitting bride. While now we have many different bodies achieving different purposes, God is shifting and transforming us into a global body with many functions.


Sorry I haven’t posted in a while, but I didn’t think it was right for me to be teaching lately because of the intense amount of spiritual turmoil and tumult I’ve been going through. A lot of things have happened, people were hurt and relationships were damaged. But nothing is irreparable and nobody is beyond redemption, and sometimes we need to remember that means us too. I’ve had to have some “courageous conversations” with God. Dan McCollum came to our church and helped put on an amazing conference that the body desperately needed and I feel that our body is going to experience new highs with God and Jesus. Thank you Father for the amazing refreshment you’ve given me physically and spiritually and filling me with new ideas and new energy.

Sometimes, Just Say “I Don’t Know”


Whether you realize it or not, when you tell someone to just try and “move on” before they can be healed of whatever hurt they received, all you are in fact doing is devaluing their pain and their perspective.

Whether the hurt is real or imaginary, it still hurts and making it seems like it’s just not that important makes them feel unimportant. When they ask for answers and you give them the politician run around and dance around a topic, the whole while evading the truth, all you are really doing is making them feel stupid.

Sometimes you just have to say “I don’t know” because sometimes you really may just not know. Sometimes you just have to hug someone and love on them without trying to say anything or adding any kind of two cents in. Whether or not you are in a leadership position or not or you just feel the need to “step up” and show them why what they did is wrong and why your point of view is backed by experience and knowledge, all you are making them feel is that their opinions and revelations are worthless.

Even though you may “know better”, sometimes you need to just let things play out until somebody who is obviously under an intense amount of duress calms down. Then you can rectify the situation and pick of the pieces, but if you try to fix things with your own personal brand of “guidance” before that right time all you will end up doing is shattering their peace and self-confidence even more until you have an extremely volatile situation and an even more volatile person who feels completely unjustified and worthless because they’ve been shown their opinions or pain don’t matter when compared to how right your opinions are.

We talk about a culture of honor, right? Sometimes honor is leaving someone alone until they know what to do with themselves.