Just some thoughts on life as a believer

Dan McCollum said “the life of a Christian isn’t hard, it’s impossible”. Now, if you’re not part of our culture this may seem a little esoteric, so someone might add “the life of a Christian is impossible without our faith in God and Jesus because we are no longer citizens of this world”, or maybe something more concise but I feel my bit sums it up pretty well. The closer you get to God and the purpose He has for you, the more the enemy will try to throw lies and deception at you to rob you of your inheritance that God has ordained for you ephisians 1:11). Problem for old Lucy( or Luci) is that you can’t steal an inheritance because it’s not something we’ve earned and is imperishable in Heaven (1 Peter 1:4). The enemy can’t rob Heaven. I’m reminded of a line from the video game “Kingdom Hearts” that said “the closer you get to the light the greater your shadow becomes”. The closer you get to the light of God the greater your shadow becomes and the enemy wants to hide in that shadow and throw sucker punches at you because your victory has already been won and he cannot engage in conventional warfare because the battle belongs to the Lord. Yes the life of a Christian may seem(keyword) to grow more and more difficult with each passing breakthrough. You may face persecution, slander, loss of friends, and other unfortunate happenstances, but you will gain salvation, eternal life, grace, the Holy Spirit, strength through God, abounding love, destruction of fear, and so much more. I’d say that equation is unbalanced in favor of God so take your pick of what you’d rather walk in.


Bask in love, not hate

In light of all these legal proceedings, especially the Zimmerman trial, I am praying for peace and joy. I pray that God moves on hearts and for those who listen to spread love and temperance, regardless of your personal views. I may not agree with all of the proceedings, but I do agree that as Christians our mission is to spread love, not condemnation. Be blessed.

The power of the Word

I’ve been so happy lately because I’m getting into my Word lately more and more. I’m excited to learn more and more about who God is, what He wants for us, and How He gives it to us.

But most of all I’m ecstatic because in all I’ve been reading I’m learning how to glorify Him so much better and love Him and everyone around me more. The Word itself even says if you walk forth without love, everything else you do is empty and worthless. I wanna be able to give Him more of myself and more and more glory, and even though I know He’ll relay me in equal and even more abundant measure, it’s because I love Him.

I’ve made sure the very first and the very last thing I do every day is read my Word and I pray that the Holy spirit imparts to me a supernatural revelation of what that scripture means. I challenge you to do the same thing and see how your understanding and love for God skyrockets!! Bless you all