Starting a regiment and getting organized.

So as you may have noticed the blog has started to grow in popularity. I’m here to be taken seriously and have God taken seriously in what I write and teach. As I have been praying, I’ve felt the holy spirit lead me to get more organized in this. I’m going to have the short little bite sized posts like I’ve been doing 6 days of the week, but once a week were going to dive into some deep spiritual knowledge together and let God take us all through that process and journey.

I also would like to extend the invitation that if any of my readers have questions about what I write or need help understanding to contact me and let me help clarify. The same goes with any thoughts or disputes about the writing; this is a holy and open environment and “as iron sharpens iron so does one man sharpen another”.

I will also make sure to respect other writers intellectual property by properly citing them and giving credit where credit is do. I love all of you and am truly blessed to have you as am audience. In all things you do let them be done in love and be blessed.


Let all you do be done in love

There comes a time when you must look within yourself and see what your motivations are. If you aren’t moving forward and not operating under love, reassess your heart. 1St Corinthians 16:14 says “let all you do be done in love”. This was not a gentle suggestion, but a commandment and mandate. Jesus gave the commandant to love one another, key word commandant. Do not act out of fear, pride, or personal gain, but walk in LOVE and authority and know your needs and desires will be met abundantly.

You aren’t justified to God by your works, but you faith is

His grace and His blood is enough, but you must step into what He has called you to do or your faith will be empty. James says “faith without works is dead”, and “Abraham was justified by his works of faith”. Jesus even said signs and wonders would follow believers. Because you have faith, God will give you assignments. Accept then that your faith may be proven and strengthened.