God and the Big Bang

Interesting thought I’ve been ruminating over: The Big Bang “Theory”. A lot of people who claim there is no God cite the Big Bang as evidence that God could not have created the universe and it was ultimately a chaotic and rapid exothermic expansion of energy that slowed down to form all matter that now is contained in the observable universe.

Remember that since e=mc2(energy equals matter times the speed of light multiplied by itself, then energy is just matter moving insanely quickly. So after the initial expansion, the energy that was moving outward word have begun to expend itself and slow down forming matter(in theory). Some have theorized that the energy that was responsible for the expansion was electromagnetic radiation, also known as light.

I propose this: what if when God said “Let there be light” he was causing the big bang? Some argue that No eternal God can have created the universe and that the concept of eternity is only an abstract thought that cannot be rationalized. However, time as we understand it did not technically begin until after the Bang. But wouldn’t something have to precede the Big Bang in order to initiate it? Some sort of external force or stimulus to cause the reaction?

Nothing just happens, we can clearly observe that and that has been proven. Something caused it. Could the eternal and uncreated God have caused the Big Bang in order to begin his creation process? Obviously we cannot prove this, but we also can’t prove the Big Bang happened and we can’t prove when, if anything came before. This is where it becomes an issue of either faith or denial. Faith that God did in fact create the universe by whatever means we cannot seem to determine, or denial of anything we cannot concretely prove because we don’t have enough evidence, which we may never actually have.

I do not advocate the denial and exclusion of science and technology from the lives of faithful Christians, but ask them to acknowledge that God did create the universe, the laws of the universe, and since He is a JUST god, He will always follow the laws He Himself set in order. I won’t say that we have to accept everything science has to say, because even not all scientists accept everything science has to say.

Somethings are absolutely unable to be proven and some are just attacks on faith, but we should embrace some the things that we can attribute to God. And to those who deny God exists without proof beyond reasonable doubt, would it not be reasonable to assume that there are things we will never prove yet you believe them in theory? Isn’t this a form of faith? Why then is faith in God so unreasonable? There does not need to be conflict between faith and science, but we should find a way to marry the two beliefs that aren’t actually that far separate.


Why The Good News is Better Than T.V. News

If you watch any news station for more than 5 minutes, I’m sure you’ll notice that the bad news far outweighs the good. America is addicted to bad news. Every time you go to the grocery store or to the gas station on the corner you see the tabloid magazines advertising who is cheating on who and which celebrity packed on a few too many pounds.

Why is this? Is it because so many people’s lives are boring and so lackluster they try to escape the monotonous groove of their lives? Well, maybe that is part of it, but I think it goes deeper than this.

God said in His word “‘For I know the plans I have for you,’ declares the Lord, ‘plans to prosper and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. Then you will call on me and come and pray to me, and I will listen to you. You will seek me with all your heart” (Jeremiah 29:11-13 NIV)

Many, many, many believers know these verses, or at least the first of those. They hold it true because it is God’s promise to prosper us and help, and that He would never do anything bad to us and that anything wrong that does come into our lives is not Him. It is His promise to take care of us, that our lives aren’t just some random cosmic mistake, that everything that has come to pass and will come to pass is not just some entropic phenomenon. Our lives are guided, and He has promised to to be that light in the dark we only have to acknowledge.

But as we may know, something wants to keep us from that knowledge. The enemy is so intent on filling our heads with bad news and lies that nothing is safe from the filth he puts forth. He figures the more dirt and gunk he piles into us, the less room there will be for the goodness God has PROMISED us. But his theory has a fatal flaw: it is completely unfounded.

Bad news generates fear and worry. It is darkness that tries to swallow up every bit of happiness and hope it can. But there are two more very good things God promised us. The first is that “…perfect love casts out fear…” (1st John 4:18 annotated) This good in part because we know that God has perfect love for us. He gave His only begotten son Jesus to die and purify us so we could live with Him (John 3:16) and Him in us (Galatians 2:20) but also that “God is love” (1 John 4:8). God Himself casts out fear personally. ¬†GREAT NEWS!

The second thing God promised us is that we will never be alone. He will never leave us or forsake us (Deuteronomy 31:8, Hebrews 13:5). This is great news because no matter how alone you feel, how lonely you get, or how miserable you think life has gotten, God is always there, sometimes people just forgot to look. Sometimes people forget that God’s word is also His promise, and that the Bible is a book full of promises. But I digress.

The enemy loves all this bad news so much because it makes us feel like God isn’t here anymore. I believe this is an intentional attack on people yes, but specifically on believers. It is an attack to try and make us forget God’s promise to be there and to forget that He even said it. His flawed theory is that is we believe that God isn’t with us anymore then we won’t remember or call on His promises and leave Him behind. But even though people sometimes leave God behind, He will never do the same to us. He promised, remember?

So the next time you see a news channel spewing forth a bunch of filth, turn it off. Talk to your family or friends about your day, read a book, or just meditate. Try even reading your bible(if you feel led to). Just remember that joy comes in the morning, but sometimes it takes a while for the morning to get here. Push for the breakthrough and remember God’s promises.

Be blessed

You aren’t justified to God by your works, but you faith is

His grace and His blood is enough, but you must step into what He has called you to do or your faith will be empty. James says “faith without works is dead”, and “Abraham was justified by his works of faith”. Jesus even said signs and wonders would follow believers. Because you have faith, God will give you assignments. Accept then that your faith may be proven and strengthened.

You have been given Jesus and His authority

God has gladly given you His kingdom and all authority alongside Jesus. He has risen you up with Jesus and sat you in heavenly places with Him, and since Jesus sits at the right hand of power so do you. He has made your ‘joint heirs with Christ’ and Jesus says in Matthew “even as the father has loved me He has also loved you”. He has also “blessed us with every spiritual blessing”. Rise up as the powerful child of God you are and walk in His authority and power.

When God broke into the mainstream, a band named Stryper

Just found about the first mainstream Christian metal band Stryper. In the midst of the 80’s, when sex, drugs, and rock n roll was the big deal a band changed their name and music to reflect their love of Jesus.

Not only did they achieve popularity, they actually broke into the mainstream. They were the very first overtly Christian metal band, and I think Christian bands today could learn a few things. Don’t hide Jesus’ name behind your lyrics to get popularity, walk in faith and proclaim Him and God will bless you with all the fame and prosperity you need.

New favorite band, God bless you Stryper, you are heroes of the faith!!!

Walking by faith and Co-laboring with God

Walk by faith and know that God is faithful. Know that He is and already has made the provision. Know that it is not God’s will to curse you but bless you. Know that by walking in faith and walking by the spirit that we are Co-laborers with God in His purpose and process.

But be cautious, by walking in sin and walking through the flesh we become Co-laborers with the curse of sin and the curse of the law, for we allow it in our lives. Rejoice that we are in covenant with God through Jesus and His promise to Abraham.

For the lord is faithful and He is the same today as He was yesterday. In Jesus name, amen