Creating an environment of honor

Many people define honor as a code of personal ethics that influence your behavior, actions, relationships, views, thoughts, and choices among other things. While this may hold true for many people, God defines honor as two powerful people in a covenant relationship.

By the way, I don’t take credit for all this as I’ve been watching Danny Silk’s “Culture of Honor”, however some of these are revelations and wisdom I’m adding.

To create an environment of honor you have to understand that honor comes from love, respect, and humility in a covenant relationship. Humility is often defined as sometime not taking credit or compliments or putting themselves below everyone else as to not seen arrogant. But that is false humility.

I define humility as putting everyone else around you up and encouraging them not to have them do it back to you but trusting that they will. In all things you do, do in love. Let the other person know they are powerful, loved, respected, honored, and that you don’t expect anything in return.

You will see a change in someone and your relationship because when people realize they are powerful they begin to abandon the victim mindset and be righteous sons and daughters of God. See the chain reaction that follows giving someone power and honor and watch it change your life, their life, and everyone around them’s lives.


Walking by faith and Co-laboring with God

Walk by faith and know that God is faithful. Know that He is and already has made the provision. Know that it is not God’s will to curse you but bless you. Know that by walking in faith and walking by the spirit that we are Co-laborers with God in His purpose and process.

But be cautious, by walking in sin and walking through the flesh we become Co-laborers with the curse of sin and the curse of the law, for we allow it in our lives. Rejoice that we are in covenant with God through Jesus and His promise to Abraham.

For the lord is faithful and He is the same today as He was yesterday. In Jesus name, amen