Preview of things to come

Lately, God has put me in a lot a spiritual warfare. That’s the funny thing about God; sometimes He gives you the exact opposite of what you want because what you need contradicts your desires. The purpose of warfare is to defeat the enemy and take what is rightfully ours or to claim something that should belong to us. Having said that, the warfare God had allowed me to go through has yielded some amazing breakthrough and some clarification on some revelation from the past. Stay tuned as we explore these and get a bigger picture of what God wants for us. Be blessed.


Motivation Check: What Drives You?

I know I’ve talked about this before, but there comes a time (every day) where we must reexamine our motivations and what is the driving force behind our actions and passions.

There is nothing wrong with wanting and desiring more, for didn’t Jesus Himself say “even if you who are evil can give good gifts to your children how much more will your heavenly father pour His spirit into you”.

But the difference between wanting more (asĀ  all children do) and doing things in hope of possession and higher station. That, friends is the definition of striving. When we please God, we know He rewards us, but we shouldn’t please Him for His rewards, but because we love Him because He first loved us.

Why do you do what you do? What master do you serve? where do your desires emanate from? Ask these questions to yourself daily. Be blessed

Can’t see the beacon, but the fire is still lit.

Hello everyone. I want to apologize for my absence of late, but there have been some deeply personal and urgent events taking place. There have been a great many issues I have been wrestling with God about and this has definitely been a season of heavy warfare, at least for me. I did not feel peace with writing and teaching you all when I was in a state of such personal and spiritual tumult. But now God has released me to continue teaching and I would like to thank all of you who have stuck by my side and kept the vision alive. Let me reiterate one thing please: all I write is written in love and without any malicious intent. I do not glorify myself, only God. I will not teach on any extra-biblical teachings or subjects, and I will make sure everything is confirmed in God’s word and welcome all of you to seek out that confirmation for yourselves. It’s good to be back, and I look forward to continuing to spread the glory of father God and His son our lord King Jesus. Be blessed.

Recovering the natural state of Man

Have you ever noticed that any time someone has surgery, or gets over a sickness or injury, that process is called “recovery”. At that point, your body is attempting to “recover” its health, or it’s natural state of being.

God has put in your body a natural desire to return to it’s original state. As Chris Gore said at Convergence Church this last Sunday, July 14 “when you get a cut on your arm, you don’t have to tell your body to start healing, your body naturally starts doing so(paraphrased)”.

The same can be said of emotional and spiritual healing. Part of what Jesus did on the cross was destroy the power of sin and connect us with God, but also what He did was start man on the path to recovery to his original state of being, the state of being Adam was before the fall. In Genesis 1:27 it says God created them in His own image, male and female. God’s image is perfect, without sin or blemish, and beautiful. Since we were created in His very same image, it can be said so were Adam and Eve. When Man fell, it threw the while world in turmoil.

Genesis 3:17 says “…cursed is the ground for your sake…”. The Earth itself was cursed by sin. But when Jesus removed sin’s power, He gave us authority over the curse and started the natural healing process in our spirit. He came into us and began acting as a sort of spiritual immune system, fighting off sin and keeping it from getting us sick again. The farther we go through deliverance and the closer we get to God, the closer we become to the state of being Man was intended to be in.

The wonderful thing is that it is a process and we are dependent on God to take us through it, therefore showing and revealing a deeper knowledge and revelation of His love for us. Be blessed on your journey and process in Jesus name.

Fruits of the Spirit series

Recently, the Holy Spirit has delivered a lot of knowledge on the fruits of the spirit and how they are absolutely key in most places in our walk with God. This is going to be a series of posts focusing on key parts of your life and journey. I’m super excited to release this knowledge. Look for the first in the series “Walking In the First Fruits: Keeping Jesus’ Commandments” coming soon! Be blessed!

Starting a regiment and getting organized.

So as you may have noticed the blog has started to grow in popularity. I’m here to be taken seriously and have God taken seriously in what I write and teach. As I have been praying, I’ve felt the holy spirit lead me to get more organized in this. I’m going to have the short little bite sized posts like I’ve been doing 6 days of the week, but once a week were going to dive into some deep spiritual knowledge together and let God take us all through that process and journey.

I also would like to extend the invitation that if any of my readers have questions about what I write or need help understanding to contact me and let me help clarify. The same goes with any thoughts or disputes about the writing; this is a holy and open environment and “as iron sharpens iron so does one man sharpen another”.

I will also make sure to respect other writers intellectual property by properly citing them and giving credit where credit is do. I love all of you and am truly blessed to have you as am audience. In all things you do let them be done in love and be blessed.

Creating an environment of honor

Many people define honor as a code of personal ethics that influence your behavior, actions, relationships, views, thoughts, and choices among other things. While this may hold true for many people, God defines honor as two powerful people in a covenant relationship.

By the way, I don’t take credit for all this as I’ve been watching Danny Silk’s “Culture of Honor”, however some of these are revelations and wisdom I’m adding.

To create an environment of honor you have to understand that honor comes from love, respect, and humility in a covenant relationship. Humility is often defined as sometime not taking credit or compliments or putting themselves below everyone else as to not seen arrogant. But that is false humility.

I define humility as putting everyone else around you up and encouraging them not to have them do it back to you but trusting that they will. In all things you do, do in love. Let the other person know they are powerful, loved, respected, honored, and that you don’t expect anything in return.

You will see a change in someone and your relationship because when people realize they are powerful they begin to abandon the victim mindset and be righteous sons and daughters of God. See the chain reaction that follows giving someone power and honor and watch it change your life, their life, and everyone around them’s lives.

Love and lust: what do you follow?

The difference between love and lust lies in the motivations behind the two. Lust is motivated by a selfish desire to satisfy the wants of the flesh. Lust is rooted in trying to provide for yourself what you feel God cannot. Love is motivated by the selfless desire to express God and compassion and have your spiritual needs be satisfied. Love is rooted in God and acknowledging God will provide everything you need when you have faith in Him. The other fundamental difference is that lust cannot fulfill and creates a cavity and pain, whereas love fulfills your wants and needs and increases capacity and peace and joy. Be blessed

Parts of God, parts of you

God is our father and comforter. But part of Him that is the Holy spirit is the mother and nurturer, just as part of Him is the Son and the lover. We must accept that God has made us in His image, possessing both masculine (action, doing, performing, logic, and expression) and feminine (feeling, cultivating, receiving, intimacy, and nurturing) qualities. To deny this in ourselves is to ignore that God Himself has these parts. He put these things into us to be able to adequately give and receive in relationships, not just one or the other. God has made you for love, so love and be loved!

What are you operating under?

If you are striving or working for thought of reward or the favor of God, you are operating out of an ungodly stronghold caused by am injury. Seek God out and let Him not only heal it, but comfort you through that process. God rejoices in you because of who you are and who He has made you to be, not your comprehensive knowledge of the Bible or how many people you evangelized. Operate out of a place of intimacy with Father God and seek His kingdom and all these things will be added to you.