Prophetic word for Global Christian Unity

God is moving us from being many corporate bodies across the earth to a global body in Jesus and a fitting bride. While now we have many different bodies achieving different purposes, God is shifting and transforming us into a global body with many functions.

Preview of things to come

Lately, God has put me in a lot a spiritual warfare. That’s the funny thing about God; sometimes He gives you the exact opposite of what you want because what you need contradicts your desires. The purpose of warfare is to defeat the enemy and take what is rightfully ours or to claim something that should belong to us. Having said that, the warfare God had allowed me to go through has yielded some amazing breakthrough and some clarification on some revelation from the past. Stay tuned as we explore these and get a bigger picture of what God wants for us. Be blessed.


Prophetic word for educational reform and generational freedom

The Holy Spirit showed me a man marked by an eagle and a snake that would rise up and shake the foundations of the educational system and bring reform that will set free a multitude of leaders from the next generation. He will rise to prominence under the favor of God and he will walk in righteousness and peace. In Jesus name.

How glorious is our God!!!

The lion of Judah roars in victory because the battle belongs to the Lord. The powers and principalities of this world shriek in terror at the beautiful and perfect name of Jesus. For as we are justified in faith, the fallen shall be redeemed.

Christ lives in you in ALL His glory and splendor. We are blessed by God through Jesus, for we have been entered into a covenant with God. We are the fulfillment of the covenant of Abraham and God has laid all things beneath our feet.

He has blessed us with every spiritual blessing and He has crowned us with glory and given us dominion over the works of His hands. He has given us Jesus as the high priest of our confession and Jesus to intercede for us.

He has made us heirs according to His promise and made new creations of us, allowing the old to die and make all things new. How glorious is our Father that He stitched us together in our mother’s would and ordained your and anointed you with a destiny before the foundation of time. How glorious is our Father that He sent His only begotten son as a man to die and suffer, to be made a curse for us so that we be redeemed from the curse of the law, that He took upon himself the sin of all mankind. How glorious is our God that he counts us by our faith and through faith we are made righteous.

Bless God for His lovingkindness and His tendermercies. Bless Him for who He is and has made us to be. Bless you Father and your worthiness. Bless your son who sits at your right hand.