Rejoice in your Father’s love and your righteousness

Believe that the Father wants to bless you, to comfort you, to heal you, to raise you to high places and let you want for nothing. He desires to see His children happy and rejoices in our praise.

You are not a ‘fallen sinner forgiven by grace’, you are a righteous and holy child of God whose sins have been both forgiven and forgotten and you are an heir to the kingdom of God and welcome to sit with Jesus at the Throne. You are beloved and the apple of His eye and fulfillment of His promise. You are redeemed and given authority and dominion over the works of His hands. You have been crowned with glory and made an entirely new creation from the inside out in His image.

He waits for you and when you return to Him He does not scold but sees and recognizes you from far off and runs to you and kisses you and puts His arms around you. He protects you by routing your enemies and calming the storm.

You are indeed worthy, and you have been called to be righteous before the foundation of time. Rejoice in your righteousness and holiness and dance for the fact that your sins have not only been forgiven but forgotten. In Jesus’ name, amen


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