God can’t help but bless you!

The Lord told me to bring a poptart to work this morning, and you can ask my wife, I never eat breakfast. I put it in the front pocket of my work pack and forgot about it. After I got off I remembered the poptart and I said to myself ‘I’m going to give a homeless man who hasn’t eaten today this poptart today’ the while drive home I was searching for the guy who needed the poptart.

Driving home I said to God ‘Father put give me someone to bless please! You gave me this to bless and I refuse to deny this man his blessing!’ I got to the street I live on and I said ‘the man this food belongs to is on this street right now in the name of Jesus!’ Driving down Hulen I saw him.

There was a man waving a towel at his car ‘that’s him’ God said ‘that food belongs to him’ I found the first turn around I could and pulled up next to his car, got out of mine and asked if he’d eaten today. He says he hadn’t and at that moment I praised God in His faithfulness. I said to the man that the Lord told me he needed to eat that poptart.

Bless God in His faithfulness and praise His truth. In Jesus name, amen


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