Let all you do be done in love

There comes a time when you must look within yourself and see what your motivations are. If you aren’t moving forward and not operating under love, reassess your heart. 1St Corinthians 16:14 says “let all you do be done in love”. This was not a gentle suggestion, but a commandment and mandate. Jesus gave the commandant to love one another, key word commandant. Do not act out of fear, pride, or personal gain, but walk in LOVE and authority and know your needs and desires will be met abundantly.


New name, same message; “Beacon Fire”

As you may have noticed, the name of this blog has been changed. My name is Todd LaRue, this the original name for the blog, but I was unaware of LaRue Ministries inc., led by pastor LaRue Howard and not wanting to be known for his notoriety I prayed to the Father what the new name should be. He told me “Beacon Fire”. When I asked the holy spirit fire clarification, He told me because a beacon fire is used to signal where safety is and to guide away from treacherous rocks that sink, but also (and equally) beacon fires were used as a call to war, a call to battle and to the aid of the helpless and needy in the name of the king. We are sons and daughters of a faithful and loving God. Be blessed in Jesus name.

Bask in love, not hate

In light of all these legal proceedings, especially the Zimmerman trial, I am praying for peace and joy. I pray that God moves on hearts and for those who listen to spread love and temperance, regardless of your personal views. I may not agree with all of the proceedings, but I do agree that as Christians our mission is to spread love, not condemnation. Be blessed.

You are worthy and powerful in God

You are indeed worthy. You are called joint-heirs with Christ. God has raised you up to sit in heavenly places alongside Jesus at the right hand of power. You have been pardoned of will iniquity and cleansed of all sin! You have been called to be righteous before the foundation of time! He has crowned you with glory and honor and given you dominion over the works of His hands and bestowed gladly His kingdom and authority on you! Walk in power and boldness children of God! Be blessed and joyful. In Jesus name!!

You aren’t justified to God by your works, but you faith is

His grace and His blood is enough, but you must step into what He has called you to do or your faith will be empty. James says “faith without works is dead”, and “Abraham was justified by his works of faith”. Jesus even said signs and wonders would follow believers. Because you have faith, God will give you assignments. Accept then that your faith may be proven and strengthened.

Prophetic word for educational reform and generational freedom

The Holy Spirit showed me a man marked by an eagle and a snake that would rise up and shake the foundations of the educational system and bring reform that will set free a multitude of leaders from the next generation. He will rise to prominence under the favor of God and he will walk in righteousness and peace. In Jesus name.

You have been given Jesus and His authority

God has gladly given you His kingdom and all authority alongside Jesus. He has risen you up with Jesus and sat you in heavenly places with Him, and since Jesus sits at the right hand of power so do you. He has made your ‘joint heirs with Christ’ and Jesus says in Matthew “even as the father has loved me He has also loved you”. He has also “blessed us with every spiritual blessing”. Rise up as the powerful child of God you are and walk in His authority and power.

Once saved always saved: the agape love Jesus paid for

Romans 8:38-39 WEB

“For I am persuaded, that neither death, nor life, nor angels, nor principalities, nor things present, nor things to come, nor powers, nor height, nor depth, nor any other created thing, will be able to separate us from the love of God, which is in Christ Jesus our Lord.”

This is, by definition, agape(or unconditional or everlasting) love. Because God is love, and God is everlasting, His love for is the same as well as our salvation. Do not be deceived by the lies of the enemy that say you have into sin and are not loved by God, but believe the truth of God’s word that says you are ‘pardoned from all iniquity’ and that you were ‘cleansed of all sin’ when you repented and that your sin is not only forgiven but forgotten by God.

Live in His truth, not some damning theology the enemy has crafted out of the mouths of vulnerable men and hearts. Live and proclaim His truth and rejoice that His spirit makes intercession for you according to God. You are beloved, do not forget.

Rejoice in your Father’s love and your righteousness

Believe that the Father wants to bless you, to comfort you, to heal you, to raise you to high places and let you want for nothing. He desires to see His children happy and rejoices in our praise.

You are not a ‘fallen sinner forgiven by grace’, you are a righteous and holy child of God whose sins have been both forgiven and forgotten and you are an heir to the kingdom of God and welcome to sit with Jesus at the Throne. You are beloved and the apple of His eye and fulfillment of His promise. You are redeemed and given authority and dominion over the works of His hands. You have been crowned with glory and made an entirely new creation from the inside out in His image.

He waits for you and when you return to Him He does not scold but sees and recognizes you from far off and runs to you and kisses you and puts His arms around you. He protects you by routing your enemies and calming the storm.

You are indeed worthy, and you have been called to be righteous before the foundation of time. Rejoice in your righteousness and holiness and dance for the fact that your sins have not only been forgiven but forgotten. In Jesus’ name, amen

The power of the Word

I’ve been so happy lately because I’m getting into my Word lately more and more. I’m excited to learn more and more about who God is, what He wants for us, and How He gives it to us.

But most of all I’m ecstatic because in all I’ve been reading I’m learning how to glorify Him so much better and love Him and everyone around me more. The Word itself even says if you walk forth without love, everything else you do is empty and worthless. I wanna be able to give Him more of myself and more and more glory, and even though I know He’ll relay me in equal and even more abundant measure, it’s because I love Him.

I’ve made sure the very first and the very last thing I do every day is read my Word and I pray that the Holy spirit imparts to me a supernatural revelation of what that scripture means. I challenge you to do the same thing and see how your understanding and love for God skyrockets!! Bless you all