Behind these eyes

I can’t explain it, but it feels like there’s a movie playing behind my eyes. Like there some subconscious world taking place. God is giving me encounters on a subconscious level. The other night, God woke me up and said “from the inside out”. I’m still praying and playing with what that might mean, but in diving deeper into prophecy and the heart of God it seems the world around me and it’s seeming reality begins to unravel. I begin to see in a different way, looking not only at the world but into and through it. It is funny to me that the modem conventional Christian man is a clean cut, closely cropped, emotionally guarded, and skeptical being. The fact of the matter is that that is not God’s intention for us. This is exemplified mainly through John the baptist and Jesus in particular, who were so out and about. This will continue later