Who God is to me

To me God is a father. He is to me a father in that a father guides his children to the right places and the right decisions. He is not only a driving force but He is also a beacon that shows me where to go when I am in the darkness and can’t always see the way. He shows me how to fix things. He shows me but doesn’t always do it for me because he knows.as a father that doing my tasks for me each and every time I won’t learn how to step into things myself. He wants us to rely on Him this much is true, but he also wants us to be able to rely on ourselves. For if we can’t rely on ourselves who else can rely on us. That’s why His kingdom has been established because it is a network of connections if people through God who rely on God and also each other. We are brothers and sisters and brothers and sisters have to rely on each other along with daddy. He is a father because He knows me so deeply just like a father does. He studies me and seeks me and spends quality time with me. He looks out for me and keeps me safe because He knows that even though I grow in Him and become stronger I will always need His guidance and His protection. I thank you God for all you have provided and all you have taught me. I thank you for the insight you give me into the world. I thank you for your perfect and easy presence. I thank you for the gifts that you have given me and I thank you for my family. I lift your name and I worship you above all. In Jesus name.


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