I declare renewed identity and confirmation of inheritance. Lord I stand on the promises you made to me and that you have demonstrated to others for you are no favorer of men. I declare now the purity in me and my family. I will not only claim and step into the promises you made but also see into them. You are a lord that reaps where he has not seen and we walk in your image so that we have been given the authority to do the same. May others be blessed through what I sew into you. You have told me to wear white from now on and I shall do this to demonstrate your glory and purity. I thank you for all financial provision. I declare that finances will be provided in you so that my family will prosper and those around us will prosper. I declare a deepening and increase in the prophetic in me because you have called me to minister and teach all over the world and it is you who makes me adequate to satisfy your will. Lord I thank you for the adequacy that you have put in me and for the fittings you have put in me. I thank you for divine words and visions. I thank you for authority here on earth that was given to us by your son Jesus. Thank you for loving us so much as to make us worthy of you through the sacrifice of your son. You are redeemer and strong tower. You are faithful and new every single day and we humble ourselves before you. I’m so glad to dance before you in worship and to weep with absolute joy at.the redemption of your children. In Jesus’ name I declare these things by the authority of God in heaven that was passed down by the son. In Jesus’ name, amen


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